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Meet Lachers

Lachers Reese is a well-established hairstylist that thrives off of rejuvenating the morale of her clients through beauty consultations and confident-boosting hairstyles.


Born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut Lachers Reese’s trajectory illustrates a story of ambition and perseverance. Despite growing up in a broken home, Reese continuously strived to propel her destiny. While attending college at Oklahoma’s Langston University, she developed a passion for making a positive impact on others. For thirteen years, Reese dedicated time to developmentally disabled adults, adolescents, and children through Connecticut’s Special Olympics; as well as other rewarding programs. Although serving the community was a sentiment that would be extremely apart of her future, Reese aspired to carry out her creative aspirations.


Influenced by her attraction to fashion and hair design, Reese enrolled in Brio Hair Academy and became a licensed cosmetologist. Shortly after, Reese began her freelance career where she was granted opportunities to do hair for some of the most well known musicians and TV personalities of our time. Additionally, Reese has worked with QVC, Good Morning America; and assisted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Her editorial clientele consists of Vogue, Quest, WAG, Jet, Social Life, and Greenwich Times.


Blind to the hair stereotypes that are associated with certain age groups and ethnicities, Reese firmly believes “Hair is hair” and therefore uses her diversified skills to recognize, understand, and reflect the care demanded by different textures. By providing her clients with helpful hair tips, Reese’s signature blow-outs and custom-couture looks are long lasting, authentic, and uniquely-fitting to each client. 


In 2016, Reese opened Lachers: Hair by Demand—Black Rock, Connecticut’s first blow out bar. While there, she continues to build formidable relationships with new and pre-existing clientele.


Furthermore, she truly enjoys giving back to the community and is a strong supporter of charities/organizations that provide support for women and children.  

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